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I wanted to give you some vital information to look over before our upcoming appointment. We aim to ensure that we are fully equipped for our forthcoming meeting.

When determining the value of your home, we rely on a comparative market analysis (CMA), which analyzes recently sold properties similar to yours. This allows us to establish a competitive listing price or make informed offers when you're looking to purchase another property. Our expertise goes beyond that of a traditional realtor. I also collaborate with my lending partner so that he can provide financial solutions, ensuring we can address potential problems that might arise during an escrow.

⚡️ Selling in the Digital Age:

Welcome to the future of home selling. The "Modern Home Seller's Guide" offers a comprehensive look into the digital tools transforming the real estate landscape. Equip yourself with the knowledge to position your home for maximum visibility and value in today's market.

Our problem-solving strategies have saved many sellers thousands of dollars, making us the ideal choice for listing your home. We possess the skills and dedication required to navigate challenges and secure the best possible outcome for you.

Here are two specific challenges we can tackle effectively:

⚡️Appraisal Gap Solution:

If the value comes in low, we have an appraisal gap solution to deploy if your home's appraised value falls short of your desired listing price. This solution bridges the gap between the appraised value and your target price, helping us secure the best possible offer for your home. For more details, I've included a video explaining our appraisal gap solutions.

⚡️Negotiating Low-Ball Offers:

If we receive a low-ball offer from a potential buyer, we have a proven strategy to counter that offer and arrange a payment that aligns with their request while minimizing costs. This enables us to achieve a fair price that matches the buyer's initial offer while protecting your financial interests.

⚡️Marketing The Rate Buy Down:

If your listing is priced correctly and is not moving as it should be, here is our plan to help market the property with a rate buy down, which creates affordability for buyers and helps regain their buying. This is important because we can do this and have a 300% increase in buyers' qualifications vs. standard price drops like most listing agents will do to your home.

( see our sample listing below.) ⬇️

We are excited to discuss these solutions in more detail during our appointment. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information.

Thank you,

[ Listing Agent ] & Scott Nicholson


"Scott and his team did a great job of laying out potential funding scenarios that fit our budget. In the end, we now save $300 per month on our mortgage."

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"Scott is the consummate mortgage professional. His creativity to close and duty as a fiduciary are second to none. I'm so grateful to have him in my corner now and in the future, especially with how competitive talk estate is in California! Thank you, Scott, and team!"

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"Scott and his team at SWMC were awesome! We closed in two months on my mortgage and they were equipped to navigate a complex project in a challenging market. 5 out of 5 stars. -A"

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